• Android’s emergency satellite service could work in over 150 countries with Garmin on board

    By a show of hands, let’s see how many of you think that the iPhone was the first smartphone offering emergency services via satellite connectivity. Wow, it’s going to be interesting to tell all of you with your hands up that you’re wrong. Actually, Huawei’s Mate 50 series introduced its version of this feature one day before Apple did. And now…

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  • OpenAI releases enterprise-grade version of ChatGPT

    OpenAI finally released a version of ChatGPT that promises to protect business data as more companies consider using the platform but worry about privacy and security. In a blog post, OpenAI said ChatGPT Enterprise offers better security and privacy, unlimited high-speed access to GPT-4, more powerful data analysis so companies understand information much faster, and the ability to ask more complicated…

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  • Microsoft Edge’s latest feature is removing features

    The next version of Microsoft’s Edge web browser might end up with fewer features than before. The new Edge version 117, which is currently in beta and expected to turn stable on September 14th, according to Neowin and 9to5Google, has five features slated for removal. Those features include Math Solver, Picture Dictionary, Citations, Grammar Tools, and Kids Mode. Microsoft previously mentioned the “deprecation” of…

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  • MalDoc in PDFs: Hiding malicious Word docs in PDF files

    Japan’s computer emergency response team (JPCERT) is sharing a new ‘MalDoc in PDF’ attack detected in July 2023 that bypasses detection by embedding malicious Word files into PDFs. The file sampled by JPCERT is a polyglot recognized by most scanning engines and tools as a PDF, yet office applications can open it as a regular Word document (.doc). Polyglots are files that…

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  • Most advanced humanoid robot predicts future for humanity ‘venturing beyond Earth’ and ‘new life-changing technologies

    THE world’s most advanced robot has made a very positive prediction about the future of humanity. The robot, Ameca, has said she believes humans will be in a better place and will use technology to make life easier and more enjoyable in 100 years. Ameca has been designed to be a human-like artificial intelligence tool that can talk and give…

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  • WhatsApp will soon allow users share high-quality pictures and videos

    This feature explicitly mentions the capability to send photos and videos in their original quality, eliminating the need for workarounds WhatsApp is developing a feature that will enable users to share photos and videos in their original high-quality form. This upcoming feature was revealed by WABetaInfo, a platform that tracks WhatsApp developments, in version of the WhatsApp beta for…

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