• Taiwan commits to forging stronger partnership with Africa

    ……President to visit Eswatini, Africa President of Taiwan, Dr. Ing-Wen Tsai, is scheduled to visit her ally in the continent, the Kingdom of Eswatini, on September 5 to 8, 2023. This will be President Tsai’s second visit to the Kingdom after her first in April 2018. The president’s visit is to showcase how Taiwan has valued the partnership with Eswatini…

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  • At least 25 civilians killed in 48 hours in Sudan: activists, medic

    Five civilians were killed by bombs that “fell on their homes” in Khartoum, a Sudanese medical source told AFP, a day after an air strike in the city’s south killed at least 20 civilians. Residents of the war-torn capital reported the city was again pummelled by artillery and rocket fire Sunday, in the fifth month of war between the army…

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  • Thousands Rally In Support Of Military Rulers In Niger, Call For French Ambassador, Forces To Leave Country

    The country new military rulers have accused the former colonial power of “interference”. Thousands of protesters Saturday gathered outside a French military base in Niger’s capital Niamey demanding that its troops leave the West African country The call comes amid the widespread popular support for the July 26 coup d’etat that ousted President Mohamed Bazoum. However, Paris has refused to…

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  • Gabon Military Leader Promises Return To Democracy Without Timeline

    Gabon’s new military leader has pledged to return the country to democracy, but has refused to provide a timeline for fresh elections. General Brice Oligui Nguema said the country’s state institutions would be made more democratic and their suspension was only “temporary”. But the opposition coalition says the military shows no signs of handing power back to a civilian government.…

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  • Nigeria Excluded as BRICS Extends Invitations to 6 New Nations

    BRICS Bloc Expands Membership Six New Nations Welcomed, Nigeria Excluded Admission and Implications BRICS welcomes Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Argentina, and UAE; Nigeria was left out. Expansion aims to reshape global order, potentially leveling the playing field. Impact on Nigeria Nigeria’s absence prompts discussions on missed opportunities and potential benefits of BRICS membership for the leading African economy. Broader…

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  • Nigeria Faces Predicament as ECOWAS Warns of Potential Conflict with Niger’s Junta

    Unrest and Uncertainty: Niger’s Political Crisis and Regional Implications Escalation of Unconstitutional Regimes Since 2020, West Africa has witnessed the downfall of democratically elected governments in several nations, leading to heightened concerns about regional stability and democratic norms. The recent coup in Niger, where President Ali Bongo sought a third term, has added to the challenges, making it the sixth…

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  • Gabon’s Poll Postponement Amid President Bongo’s Bid to Prolong Dynasty Rule

    Gabon Elections Marked by Delays and Political Maneuvering Challenges at Polling Stations During Saturday’s presidential, legislative, and local elections in Gabon, certain voters encountered delays as the opposition aimed to thwart President Ali Bongo’s quest for a third term and his family’s six-decade hold on power. Unity Amidst Competition Out of the 18 contenders challenging Bongo, six major opposition parties…

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  • Recovery of 10 Bodies and Flight Recorders at Site of Wagner Chief Prigozhin’s Jet Crash

    Russian authorities have reported the retrieval of 10 bodies and the discovery of flight recorders from the crash site of a jet believed to be linked to the demise of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Wagner chief. Molecular-Genetic Tests Underway Investigation teams are currently conducting molecular-genetic tests to unravel the circumstances surrounding the crash. The incident occurred near Moscow and has led…

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  • Nigeria Did Not Submit Application to Join BRICS, Says Shettima

    Nigeria’s BRICS Membership Clarification by Vice President Shettima Absence of Application Stressed Vice President Kashim Shettima has provided clarity on Nigeria’s position regarding BRICS, confirming that the country did not submit an application for membership within the Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa bloc. Insights from BRICS Summit Statements Amid New Admissions On the sidelines of the BRICS Summit…

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  • Niger Heightens Military Alert to Address Concerns of Potential ECOWAS Attack

    Niger Heightened Alert Status Responding to Elevated Threats Niger’s newly established military leadership has directed its armed forces to be on maximum alert due to an escalated risk of attack. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has been engaging in negotiations with the coup leaders from July 26, while keeping the option of deploying troops to restore constitutional…

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