Recovery of 10 Bodies and Flight Recorders at Site of Wagner Chief Prigozhin’s Jet Crash

Efforts Underway to Uncover Truth Behind Crash Involving Wagner Leader Prigozhin's Jet: 10 Bodies and Flight Recorders Retrieved

Russian authorities have reported the retrieval of 10 bodies and the discovery of flight recorders from the crash site of a jet believed to be linked to the demise of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Wagner chief.

Molecular-Genetic Tests Underway

Investigation teams are currently conducting molecular-genetic tests to unravel the circumstances surrounding the crash. The incident occurred near Moscow and has led to speculation about potential causes, including the possibility of a bomb or missile involvement.

Kremlin’s Denial

Contradicting claims that the Kremlin sanctioned Prigozhin’s demise, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson refuted these assertions as “complete lies.” This statement was made in response to allegations of an assassination order against Prigozhin.


Prigozhin’s Background and Rebellion

Prigozhin, who once enjoyed close ties to Putin, was associated with a failed armed uprising initiated by his mercenaries in June. Although termed “treachery” by President Putin, a resolution was reached to integrate Wagner fighters into Russia’s regular army or send them to Belarus.

Unveiling the Crash Details

Amid speculation surrounding the crash, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov addressed the matter, stating that there were “lots of speculation” about the tragic incident. Peskov emphasized the necessity of an official investigation to clarify the circumstances.

Uncertainty Surrounding Wagner’s Future

With Prigozhin’s presumed death, doubts have surfaced regarding the future of Wagner. Belarus’ President Aleksander Lukashenko announced the continued presence of up to 10,000 Wagner fighters in his country. Nonetheless, the relationship between Lukashenko and the Kremlin raises questions about the extent of his autonomy.

Global Reaction and Ongoing Inquiries

Global leaders, including US President Joe Biden, have expressed interest in uncovering the truth behind the crash. The Pentagon’s view suggests Prigozhin’s likely demise, and speculation has arisen about an onboard explosion as a probable cause.

Putin’s Response and Ongoing Speculation

While President Putin eventually extended condolences to the victims’ families and acknowledged Prigozhin’s talents, speculations persist about the circumstances of the crash. Frenzied discussions revolve around potential causes and implications.

The crash remains a focal point of international attention, sparking inquiries and discussions as authorities work to ascertain the truth behind this incident.

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