WhatsApp will soon allow users share high-quality pictures and videos

Enhanced Media Sharing Coming to WhatsApp: High-Quality Photos and Videos Sharing on the Horizon

This feature explicitly mentions the capability to send photos and videos in their original quality, eliminating the need for workarounds

WhatsApp is developing a feature that will enable users to share photos and videos in their original high-quality form. This upcoming feature was revealed by WABetaInfo, a platform that tracks WhatsApp developments, in version of the WhatsApp beta for Android. In this new version, a choice to “select original quality photos or videos” is available.

In this forthcoming functionality, WhatsApp will treat these high-quality media files as documents. A screenshot provided by WABetaInfo displays an option to “choose from the gallery” in the app’s document picker. This feature explicitly mentions the capability to send photos and videos in their original quality, eliminating the need for workarounds like changing file extensions to PDF or DOC to maintain quality.


Previously, users had to resort to unconventional methods to send media files in their original quality. This new feature, therefore, addresses this issue, streamlining the process significantly. While WhatsApp introduced the option to send “HD” images and up to 720p videos recently, the platform still applies compression to these files before transmission. However, with this impending update, users will be able to share their media in its full resolution, marking a substantial improvement for both Android and iOS users.

Allowing WhatsApp users to share original quality photos and videos can also offer various advantages such as:

  1. Higher Visual Quality: Users can share media without losing quality, preserving details, colours, and clarity for a better viewing experience.
  2. Streamlined Sharing: No need for workarounds, making sharing more user-friendly.
  3. Professional Use: Artists and creators can showcase work accurately, essential for professionals.
  4. Accurate Communication: Crucial for conveying important visual information, like diagrams or plans.
  5. Efficient Collaboration: High-quality media aids teamwork by ensuring clarity and reducing errors.
  6. Memory Preservation: Cherished memories remain impactful and vivid when shared in high quality.
  7. Competitive Advantage: Sets WhatsApp apart, attracting users valuing media quality.
  8. User Satisfaction: Meeting user expectations will enhance satisfaction and loyalty to the platform.
  9. Creative Expression: Users might explore creative sharing, fostering innovative content on the platform.

In conclusion, introducing original quality media sharing enhances visual communication, aids professionals, boosts creative expression, and enriches user experience on WhatsApp.

Recent updates from WhatsApp

The leading messaging app recently unveiled a new screen-sharing feature for users. Intended to improve the app’s video call experience, this feature also implies that WhatsApp will now compete with videoconferencing products like Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Apple’s FaceTime Time, and Zoom.

As announced by Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, this feature allows users to share files like documents and photos. They can also share their shopping cart with phone contacts through video calls. To enable the feature, users must click the Share icon. At this point, they will then choose whether to share the whole screen or a particular app.

The leading instant messaging application, WhatsApp, also unveiled the WhatsApp Chat Lock feature that lets users hide chats they don’t want other people to have access to.

According to WhatsApp, users now have the option to enable the chat lock function on both Android and iPhone. The function allows them to secure their private conversations with a password. In order to access the locked chat, users will have to use device verification methods like phone passcode, Face ID, or fingerprint. Additionally, locked chats will be stored separately in a designated folder on the App.

The messaging app notes that voice messages changed the way people communicate by providing a quick and secure way to share their voice. This is why it is now building on the functionality of instant video messages.

The platform also announced new account security features, adding additional layers of privacy and security for users of the popular messaging application.

These features include additional alerts that may take place if someone tries to move their WhatsApp account to another device, back-end invisible checks to help prevent malware on a device from impacting WhatsApp, and automated security code verification to confirm your secure connection quickly.

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