Wike Pledges to Put an End to Open Grazing and Street Trading in Abuja

Rivers State Governor Takes Firm Stance on Addressing Grazing and Trading Practices in the Capital City

Minister Wike’s Commitment to Ending Open Grazing

In a resolute move, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has declared his unwavering determination to put an end to open grazing practices within Abuja. This decision follows his inauguration and subsequent press conference held in the Garki area of Abuja.

FCT Minister, Wike, Allegedly Seen in Office with ₦300M Armored Lexus LX 600 Bearing ‘FCT – 01’ License Plate

Consultations with Herdsmen and Grazing Management

Wike emphasized the need to consult with herdsmen to find alternatives to open grazing, citing that the presence of cows within the city cannot be tolerated. He highlighted the distinction between the grasses meant for city beautification and those suitable for grazing. The minister expressed concern about the potential negative perception by foreigners, especially due to the presence of large numbers of animals around prominent locations like the Presidential Villa.


Strict Enforcement of the City’s Master Plan and Demolitions

Beyond addressing grazing issues, Wike issued a stern warning to those responsible for unauthorized construction that goes against the city’s master plan. He asserted that structures not conforming to the approved plan would be demolished. He specifically addressed encroachments into green areas, underscoring the importance of preserving these spaces and adhering to the city’s aesthetics.

Cracking Down on Street Trading and Ensuring Security

Wike extended his commitment to enhancing the city’s security by clamping down on street trading, which he asserted has contributed to insecurity. He recognized the challenges faced by many but stressed the importance of conducting business within legal frameworks. The minister expressed concern over the proliferation of informal markets throughout the city and the adverse impacts they pose.

FCT Minister: Nyesom Wike

In line with his holistic vision for Abuja’s development, Minister Wike demonstrated his determination to bring about significant changes, including addressing open grazing, maintaining the city’s architectural integrity, and ensuring a secure environment by curbing unauthorized street trading.

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